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Saying you are "an award winning designer" is not the way I like to roll...

... people make up their own awards these days and a "win" is often paid for! So let me tell you about the real MBJ.

I am the co founder of Baby Giant Design Co. I grew up a creative, developed my skills in illustration, became a teacher, then a tattoo apprentice, grew a tribe of hundreds of thousands of humans, and have now been in the graphic design world for almost two decades, working with the biggest and smallest companies on the planet.

I have helped hundreds of companies around the world build their dreams through my unique approach to brand identity, I am very hands on, very old school (always paper and pencil first), and I take pride in building lasting relationships through the work I create.

Building brand identities will ALWAYS be a part of my life and I am still very much open for work - click here if you want some logo work done - but my drive for helping other people succeed is a growing scratch that I need to itch.



My plan for the next decade is

to not just build brand identities...

I want to build creative careers for all the driven humans that want to become something. Since creating my best selling book on logo design and creativity, I have realised that people in our industry are looking for an honest, authentic and real voice to listen to. None of this grow a quadrillion billion pound company in 30 days shit, just proper guidance on what it takes to do this thing properly.

So my mission is simple... Help people live their best logo life!

Whether its through my free content on social media and newsletter, or through a paid coaching programme or course...

... everything I do is to help guide the real designers trying to make a real go of their career.
So that's me mates and if I can leave you with one piece of advice it would be this... nothing changes if nothing changes. If you want to make moves, I can guide you in the right direction... but if you are happy with where you are at, then I’m just happy you are here.